Software Development

Our proven tailor-made methodology based on Agile/Scrum ensures that the work products and services are delivered in a timely manner with "no sacrifice on quality". Our proven solution models guarantee spearheaded delivery of deeply engineered adaptable systems.

All About Design

Unlike any other utility used by humanity and business, software is unique in its lifespan. It is in an endless cycle - living and breathing. Technology and business processes force it to change, adapt and transform, but never die.

Software Lifecycle Management is critical and Software Design, therefore, becomes precious. Realizing its importance, we design our systems to be flexible, adaptable and open for integration, thus by hugely reducing the overall maintenance cost. We make all possible provisions in our designs to make it easy for future enhancements and maintenance.

Our Methodology

Customer expectations and project needs drive the choice of methodology and process. We have been there and done it all - from Waterfall to Extreme to Agile/Scrum and with subtle variations in-between. Traditional Waterfall lifecycles are well understood and may not merit elaboration.

We recommend using the Agile I2 (incremental and iterative) Development Process for projects that have high requirements volatility, need interim product deliveries and rapid development. This is particularly well suited for projects that demand shorter lifecycles or use evolving technologies. It calls for frequent communication and intense collaboration within the development team and between the team and the business customer.

Most projects fall mid-way between these and need a blend of the ideal and the practical - which is where were commend our very own: AGILITY - AGILe IT for You. It combines the best practices and assets from both worlds, follows a process, generates adequate documentation, accommodates change, moves fast, aligns to your needs, and focuses on objectivity, results and delivery. That is AGILe IT for You!

Customer Centric Business Models

We tune ourselves to suit our customer's business and operation models.This enables us to function as their extended arm rather than as a vendor.We have worked with several models:

  • Fully outsourced
  • Partly outsourced
  • Virtual team
  • Co-development

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.NET Application Management Solutions

Eminenttech specialize in the delivery of Software Products and integrated Business Applications using the Microsoft platform. Our team of architects, software developers & testers design and implement robust and scalable solutions using ASP.NET, C#, WPF, Web Services, SQL Server, JQuery, and various cloud computing technologies. We can develop/manage below business-focused seamless applications and integrate into existing operations.

  • ASP.NET Web Development
  • Windows Application Development
  • SQL Server Backend and ETL Development
  • Azure solutions

To further explore Eminenttech's services and have a discussion about your specific needs, please contact us or call 1-866-542-0878.

Mobile Applications

Enterprise across industries are using mobile technology to improve customer engagement, employee productivity and collaboration drastically.

Eminenttech offers advanced services in the field of mobile applications development across various platforms. We transform the latest technology and business needs into a constant value for our customers. With our Mobility Practice's extensive knowledge of the Enterprise needs and multi-platform expertise (iOS, Android, Windows), we can offer you solutions tailored to the specific demands of your business.

Mobile Strategy & Roadmap

Our effective mobile strategy & roadmap will

  • Incorporate a systematic approach across a number of areas within the Enterprise providing direction and actionable recommendations.
  • Analyze high-value opportunities across systems and develop a plan, architecture and case for action.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Process is KEY to achieving success in your mobility project. Our process involve

  • Discovery - Identify and refine the high-value opportunities, requirement, user experience, dash boards and reports with client.
  • Concept Validation - Providing a quick proof of concept solution.
  • Product Development - Developing Architecture, designing solutions, continuous testing and delivery
  • Product Management - Manage/Maintain/enhance product.

We follow our Agile approach that uses multiple development iterations to create and deliver the product successfully, on time and on budget. Our mobile development expertise includes Native, Hybrid and Web App development. Here is a quick comparison of Development and Deployment considerations involved in different technical flavors of Mobile Apps:

Mobile Platform Comparision

To further explore Eminenttech's services and have a discussion about your specific needs, please contact us or call 1-866-542-0878.