Technology Consulting

Eminenttech is committed to providing quality Information Technology consulting to its clients by combining dedicated, focused, ethical efforts with talented and experienced professionals. Our solutions are precisely engineered to meet the Performance and Scalability requirements. Our dedicated Architects, Engineers and Planning Managers are truly behind these achievements.

The Technology Consulting core competencies include:

Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM (Business Process Management) is an effective holistic management approach to promote business efficiency and attempts to improve processes continuously. BPM strives for innovation powered by technology integration. A Business Process comprises of series of value added activities performed by different collaborators and roles to accomplish a business goal. BPM considers Business Processes as strategic assets of an organization, which is vital in delivering value added products and services to the clients. One of the primary goals is to improve business performance in a more and more complex and dynamic environment.

At Eminenttech, we focus on building a strong BPM foundation and backbone with technology integration to manage business needs at various levels of complexity and ever-changing environment. The strong foundation is attributed by robust architecture tailor-made to business requirements, with special focus on business performance and adaptability. Our foundation architecture not only helps with automation of business processes, but also integrates human-driven and case management processes. Our approach and architecture also aims at integrating existing processes by means of enterprise-wide collaboration models, resulting in a cost-effective solution for automated Business Process Management. With blend of Business Process models, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and systems integration by means of ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) architecture and business performance monitoring mechanisms, we close the loop to achieve fullest collaboration, automation and monitoring of business processes. Our proven experience and expertise with BPM Suites on IBM's Websphere platform and Oracle platform would enable unified BPM solution for your organization by effectively integrating technology with business.

Our development and delivery methodology fully supports BPM life cycle from vision through optimization. The proven methodology integrates BPM life cycle with Software development methodology to effectively and efficiently deliver work products with no compromise on quality. Our quality driven approach constantly ensures quality of Software engineering activities and process steps resulting in work products that meet or exceed client's expectations.

Architecture & Strategy

Leveraging our IT Architecture and Strategy expertise, we conduct in-depth analysis, reviews, assessments and ask right questions to align your technology needs with your business goals. Our Architecture, Strategy and Software Solution models helps you

  • Enhance Interoperability and Reusability
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Performance and Efficiency
  • Increase Quality

Content Management

We have extensive experience with Content Management Systems (CMS) and especially in Web Content Management (WCM). Using Agile approaches and incorporating the discipline honed from our enterprise application methodologies we are able to build stable, sustainable and dynamic web sites.

Our implementations have spanned a wide variety of functional and application areas including Portals, Websites, Intranet applications and Social networking. Ask us about our delighted customers and their references.

To further explore Eminenttech's services and have a discussion about your specific needs, please contact us or call 1-866-542-0878.